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What is LoadTo.io?
Loadto.io is a web based "/downloads" folder. Just input your query, we fetch files from public places for you.
You don't need to install any software to use Loadto.io. You can use loadto.io directly with your web browser.
Just go and visit your favourite torrent site. Get the "magnet link" or .torrent file. Paste it to our website. Our service will download files to your cloud. That's all you need to do. After transfer completes, you can browse, stream, watch or download your file directly.
Yes you can. You can stream videos or preview images.
Normally, when using torrent clients, everybody in the network knows about you and your activity. Everybody knows what, when and how many downloads you have made. It is one of the main principles of a BitTorrent network and nobody can avoid it using the usual ways. When you use Loadto.io, you are completely anonymous. All your activity is on behalf of Loadto.io. You are absolutely anonymous.
Your files are kept for 10 days!
Yes, it is totally unlimited.

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